Dec 5, 2011

Career and Life Quote for Monday, December 5th, 2011

via Spirit of Golf~
THOUGHTS OF THE DAY - We look at a golf shot as it appears and say, “See, it has to be real and true.” What we fail to realize – and what the latest brain research is telling us – is that the only reason we see the shot the way we do is because of preexisting patterns of optimism or doubt already firing inside the brain. With a lot of negativity, judgment, and fear front loaded inside of us, what we see is a predominance of negative and fearful shots for us to judge (an activity the ego loves to do). With a brain that is patterned with a lot of optimism, acceptance, and can do, just the opposite is true. A belief is just a thought we have told ourselves over and over again. Perception, not reality, is what we see in the form of manifested physical proof.

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