Mar 31, 2011

Career and Life Coaching Tips of the Day...

Keeping a “life balance” when seeking a “new job opportunity

 Explore and review:

o What are the key experiences that most influenced you?
o What are your core values?
o What are your key skills?
o What are your true passions?
o Remain focused on opportunities that are a solid match and are realistic to your background, experience, skills, and abilities.
• Interviewing Basics:
o Research Before You Apply and Submit your resume for consideration. Tailor your resume.
o Practice mock interviews prior.
o Stay focused.
o Behavioral- situational and action results.
• The Importance of Transferable Skills:
o Completion of projects, team player, problem solving and
• You shall find ways to practice and enjoy your creativity side.
• You shall have no greater commitment to your work than to love and enjoy it as a part of your total life.
• Smile frequently and openly to everyone you meet.
• You shall attend to ways to boost your energy sources (spiritual, physical and mental).
• ALWAYS….engage in the joy of the humor around you.
• You shall not forget to laugh out loud, often and most importantly at yourself.
• Spend time with family and friends. Take up an exercise ritual. Find the things in life to celebrate on a constant basis.


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