Jun 30, 2011

Career and LIfe Coaching Thought of the Day!

Once you have achieved and exercised extensive brainstorming and you have decided on a

decisive path to take, implement your plan consistently. In this type of market, if a

particular strategy needs modification, it is easier to detect this when you have a

clear, concise and concrete plan.

Jun 26, 2011

Career and LIfe Coaching Thought of the Day!

Find Lost Passion by Jane Powell..

“What do you think counts?”

If you’re not sure, then it’s time to rediscover what you feel is important. In

other words, what fuels your passion?

To rediscover this passion, start by simplifying your life. Quit doing things merely

out of habit. Turn off the TV for a month or turn off the radio while commuting to

work. See where your mind takes you. When you find yourself saying, “I love that,”

or, “This is fun,” take note. That inner voice is leading you toward your passion.

Become comfortable with the idea of doing what you like. As you discover what you

enjoy doing, you’ll find answers to what counts for you. And, that’s what being

passionate is all about!

Jun 23, 2011

Career and Life Coaching Thought of the Day...

Excessive Happiness! Patch Adams Monologue Speech


Career and Life Coaching Thought of the Day...

What Cancer Cannot Do!

It cannot cripple Love...

It cannot shatter Hope...

It cannot corrode Faith...

It cannot destroy Peace...

It cannot kill Friendship...

It cannot suppress Memories...

It cannot silence Courage...

It cannot invade the Soul...

It cannot steal Eternal Life...

It cannot conquer the Spirit...

-Author Unknown

Career and LIfe Coaching Thought of the Day!

Spencer Johnson's Peaks and Valleys "Making Good and Bad Times Work For You – At Work and in Life"

The key to a balanced life is learning life's lessons during the down times and appreciating life's blessings during the good times.

The Story:
Michael Brown is in a personal and professional valley – discouraged at work, his relationships are strained and his outlook for the future is bleak. He meets a friend who shares a story of peaks and valleys. The story is about a young man, a wise old man and how the young man’s journey to reach the highest mountain peak changed his attitude and life forever.

Finding Balance and Learning The Lessons:
Filled with a wealth of wisdom. Covers a valuable lesson about finding balance in life. Peaks and Valleys teaches that the key to a balanced life is learning life’s lessons during the down times and appreciating life’s blessings during the good times.

Life is filled with valleys – job dissatisfaction, job loss, relationship challenges, not appreciating our talents and so many more. According to Spencer Johnson, each valley is a valuable lesson in disguise. Learn and appreciate the lessons available to you in the down
times and the view from the peak is even more breath taking.

Life is filled with peaks – job promotions, financial success, a loving family and our other proud and happy moments. It’s a fact of life; you have to get through the valleys to reach the peaks in life. The author tells us that to stay on the peak longer, you must appreciate and manage the good times just as well as you learn to manage the bad times.

Jun 21, 2011

Career and Life Coaching Thought of the Day...

A "beautiful story" about "creating" a meaningful and rewarding career that makes a difference and enriches people's lives everyday!

For Healing, Meals Made to Order:

Jun 20, 2011

Career and LIfe Coaching Thought of the Day!

How satisfied you are in your current professional role?

Questions to evaluate~

1. I like/love my current position..

2. I am clear about my current career direction...

3. I am clear about my current life purpose and direction...

4. I enjoy nearly all my responisblities in my position...

5. My current job satisfies my inner and outer needs...

6. I am confident in my own abilities...

7. I find it easy to make changes when I am dissatisfied...

8. I have the work life balance I want...

9. I feel in control of my career...

10. I am rarely stressed or overwhelmed at work...

11. I understand what motivates me to work, and I make job choices based on those factors...

12. I know the signs that tell me when it is time for me to change jobs or careers...

Jun 18, 2011

Career and LIfe Coaching Thought of the Day!

Research - Exploring Careers & Employers

After learning more about yourself, you’re better prepared to explore careers and how they match your specific interests, skills, values, and personality. To determine which career fields may be a good fit, you must do your homework. This involves researching the workplace – specifically, the knowledge, skills, abilities, interests, and work values that are associated with various jobs.

Vary your research methods: read about careers, talk to people in jobs and industries that appeal to you, and gain hands-on experience to explore at a deeper level. A thorough and varied exploration will offer you the following rewards: a clearer focus for your career-decision making, a more targeted and manageable job search, rich information to leverage in cover letters and interviews, and finally - work that you love.

"Doing the difficult things that you've never done awakens the talents you never
knew you had." ~ Robin Sharma

Jun 17, 2011

Career and LIfe Coaching Thought of the Day!

Class of 2011!

Potential Employers Will Review and Check Candidates Online Identity

An effective and detailed “About Me” page that answers the following inquires~

* Who are you?

* What is your major?

* What is the purpose of your portfolio?
Are you currently job searching, full-time student, soon to graduate?

* What talents can you personally offer a new employer?

* What are some of your personal hobbies?

* Where do you presently live? Include your state, and city...

* What is the best and fastest way to contact you directly? Phone? Email?

Jun 16, 2011

Career and LIfe Coaching Thought of the Day!

Tony Robbins - Tiny Changes Mean Huge Results~


Jun 15, 2011

Career and LIfe Coaching Thought of the Day!

Even the worst of the worst interviews can still hold true value to your current job search. To truly benefit from the interview-gone-bad, explore and review the below process...

As soon as you leave an interview that you would classify as "not so great", create a list of every aspect of the interview that made it "poor". Spend as much time as you need on the list so that you can capture every problem; but make sure you create the list right after the interview, so everything is fresh in your mind. Evaluate immediately!

Create a list of every possible solution to the problems you just listed. This should be an ongoing process during your current job search.

Continue adding to your problems list. New interview meetings might reveal new evaluation. Over time, you will come up with effective solutions to those problems as well.

Continue adding to your suggestions and new techniques to your list. Ideas can come to you at anytime and you may happen to come up with better solutions to problems you already solved.

Jun 14, 2011

Career and LIfe Coaching Thought of the Day!

Planning your career involves a process that is challenging and exciting. Think of

your career as a life long process requiring a careful evaluation of your true

values, skills and interests. Most of us hope to find a career that exercises our

abilities, stimulates our interests and suits our unique personalities.

This is a challenging task. However if you are willing to take the time to identify

your specific interests and strengths you will discover there is a systematic

approach for making smart and rewarding career decisions. Keep in mind that

evaluating your career choices requires patience and effort. If you have a strong

understanding of your talents and goals and persevere through the maze of career

information, you are definitely bound to find the right career path for yourself.

Jun 11, 2011

Career and LIfe Coaching Thought of the Day!

"No matter how much you've done, or how successful you've been, there's always more to

do, always more to learn, and always more to achieve. Everything you are-talented,

accomplished, passionate- is everything the world is waiting for. You're the kind of

person who can make a wonderful difference wherever you go and whatever you do."

~President B. Obama

Career and Life Coaching Thought of the Day...

Recruitment Approach

One of our firm’s strengths is our ability to grasp the complexities of the

organization, the cultural, and the skills, background and personality that will

result in the right match. This requires an in-depth understanding of the core

competencies needed for the opportunity presented.

Your Representative in the Marketplace

We understand that by taking on the search, we have become your #1 advocate in the

marketplace and represent the firm and the opportunity as if we were a

member of your team.

We bring you valuable feedback about your company and marketplace perceptions.

Our clients depend on us for our objective advice, trusting that we will provide a

straightforward, confidential assessment of the competitive landscape.

Jun 5, 2011

Thoughts and Quotes of the Week from Career Integrity Recruitment & Coaching

Important keys points in communicating and cultivating a long term business connection~

1. Attitude is always everything...

2. Tap into your PASSION...

3. Always be in the moment...

4. Engage. Don't lecture...

5. Be clear and concise. Get to the point...

6. Relax...Everyone gets butterflies speaking in public.

7. Admit mistakes and apologize...Quickly.

8. Listen...Really listen!

9. Confront...But don't be nasty or negative.

10. Truly Care.. It's about them not you.

11. Think relationships...Not sales.

12. Accept positive feedback... Its a true gift (even if it hurts).