Jun 23, 2011

Career and LIfe Coaching Thought of the Day!

Spencer Johnson's Peaks and Valleys "Making Good and Bad Times Work For You – At Work and in Life"

The key to a balanced life is learning life's lessons during the down times and appreciating life's blessings during the good times.

The Story:
Michael Brown is in a personal and professional valley – discouraged at work, his relationships are strained and his outlook for the future is bleak. He meets a friend who shares a story of peaks and valleys. The story is about a young man, a wise old man and how the young man’s journey to reach the highest mountain peak changed his attitude and life forever.

Finding Balance and Learning The Lessons:
Filled with a wealth of wisdom. Covers a valuable lesson about finding balance in life. Peaks and Valleys teaches that the key to a balanced life is learning life’s lessons during the down times and appreciating life’s blessings during the good times.

Life is filled with valleys – job dissatisfaction, job loss, relationship challenges, not appreciating our talents and so many more. According to Spencer Johnson, each valley is a valuable lesson in disguise. Learn and appreciate the lessons available to you in the down
times and the view from the peak is even more breath taking.

Life is filled with peaks – job promotions, financial success, a loving family and our other proud and happy moments. It’s a fact of life; you have to get through the valleys to reach the peaks in life. The author tells us that to stay on the peak longer, you must appreciate and manage the good times just as well as you learn to manage the bad times.

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