Jun 15, 2011

Career and LIfe Coaching Thought of the Day!

Even the worst of the worst interviews can still hold true value to your current job search. To truly benefit from the interview-gone-bad, explore and review the below process...

As soon as you leave an interview that you would classify as "not so great", create a list of every aspect of the interview that made it "poor". Spend as much time as you need on the list so that you can capture every problem; but make sure you create the list right after the interview, so everything is fresh in your mind. Evaluate immediately!

Create a list of every possible solution to the problems you just listed. This should be an ongoing process during your current job search.

Continue adding to your problems list. New interview meetings might reveal new evaluation. Over time, you will come up with effective solutions to those problems as well.

Continue adding to your suggestions and new techniques to your list. Ideas can come to you at anytime and you may happen to come up with better solutions to problems you already solved.

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