Apr 1, 2011

What is Career Coaching?

“Go on with a spirit that fears nothing!”  Homer

Frequently Asked Questions:   

1. How does coaching differ from therapy and counseling?

Counseling:  Is an advice-giving approach.

Therapy:  Assist individuals to address root causes.

Career Coaching:  

*     Collaborative and personalized approach that provides constant encouragement.
*     Objective to achieve career goals, aspirations and ambitions based on one’s interest and values.
*     Developing and maximizing one’s specific skills.
*     An opportunity to think out of the box.
*     Problem solving and decision making.
*     Institute an active career plan.

2. The Benefits of the Career Coaching Process?

*     A Career Coach explores and uncovers the career possibilities that have never been considered or understood before.
*    A Career Coach assists you to move forward in a positive direction.
*    Career Coaching is a customized hands-on approach.
*    Career Coaching is a journey to career fulfillment.
*    Career Coaching will eliminate your self-limiting beliefs.
*    Career Coaching focuses on specific techniques and encourages a client to be accountable.
*    Career Coaching is a relationship between a coach that aligns and matches with their clients needs.
*    Career Coaching “enlightens” clients; gives a spiritual insight.
*    Career Coaching is one the most empowering experiences. It has the potential to provide a client a conscious awareness of how they truly feel.

“Control your own destiny or someone else will.
“Willingness to change is strength.”

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