Aug 2, 2011

Career and LIfe Coaching Thought of the Day!

Ashton Kutcher School of Marketing

What can we learn from AK's marketing techniques, regardless of the industry we're in or the product or service we're marketing?

* Build a powerful list -AK works on growing his fan list all the time. He knows there's power in the list.
* Leverage social media -AK'sfavorite medium: Twitter, but he's everywhere.
* Create a distinctive personal brand - even if you have to marry it :) - AK became known by being Demi Moore's youthful sweetheart, ultimately marrying her. But then he had to make his brand stand on it's own. Now he's the entrepreneurial star.
* Hang out with people who hang with winners and you meet winners too.
* Communicate regularly with your market - and you don't do this just by handing out lots of brochures. You connect with your market. Ashton is sending multiple tweets and facebook messages every day.

Ashton doesn't rely only on his last film for his current success.
He has created a whole new stream of opportunity and brand ability by getting involved with various business projects.
His personal brand shines as bright as his star on Hollywood Boulevard.

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