Jan 15, 2012

Career and Life Quote for Saturday, January, 14, 2012...


Why is career "assistance" more important and crucial in the 21st Century market climate?

One of the biggest challenges with "do-it-yourself" career and job searching in the 21st century is that current employment market
has changed radically during the first decade and former style career strategies are currently far less effective. More individuals today
are changing for new opportunities much more frequently than in past years. It is not uncommon for the employed population to be job searching "confidentially". This means there are more candidates than ever "competing" for greater job opportunities, even in times of lower unemployment. To the increased competition among candidates, another reason professional career services may be absolutely necessary is because firms have become much more sophisticated in their interviewing and hiring techniques and process.Many firms purchase and review job boards for large numbers of applicants, making the odds of receiving a phone or an in person interview that much more difficult and challenging. It is very typical to find that hiring decisions that are made with two or three rounds of interviews in the pastare now requiring four or five rounds of interview meetings.

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