Jul 15, 2011

Career and LIfe Coaching Thought of the Day!

Resume Do’s and Don’ts~


* Limit your resume to one-two pages.
* Use a one-inch margin on all sides
* Avoid abbreviations.
* Quantify accomplishments wherever possible.
* Place all dates on the right side of the resume.
* Maintain consistent font style, spacing, indentation, capitalization
and bullet style.
* Use a font size that is easy to read – 11 or 12 pt. is highly recommended.
* List experience in reverse chronological order.
* Use phrases that start with ACTION VERBS.
* Maintain consistency with verb tense with phrases in the experience section.


* Use meaningless words or phrases such as “seeking a challenging position”.
* Start phrases in the experience section with “responsible for” or
“my responsibilities included”.
* Begin phrases with “I” or use complete sentences.
* Exaggerate your experience or your GPA.
* Use a font smaller than 11 pt.
* Include any demographic information (age, race, gender) or photographs
on your resume.

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