Jul 26, 2011

Career and Life Coaching Tips of the Day...

Preparing for Your Interview Meeting~

Research the organization/firm...

You need to know if you want to work there. What do they

do? What products or services do they offer? Who are their customers, clients? With

whom do they compete? What makes them stand out from their competition? The more you

know about them, the better you will be able to explain how you can fit into their

organization and help them succeed.

Research the industry...

Know something about the field and what the trends are in the

field. Is this field growing or changing in some way. Who are the major players in

the field? Be fully prepared with questions to ask the interviewer. Remember that

you are trying to decide if you want this position. Be prepared to ask anything

which is not explained during the interview. It is alright to write down your

questions in a small/large portfolio to use during your interview meetings.

Review you most important qualifications. Be prepared to discuss and elaborate about

your educational history, your previous work experience and your strongest skills

and knowledge.

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